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CleanTech99 is specialised in decontamination, bio-decontamination and high-level disinfection solutions for clean rooms and related controlled atmosphere environments.

CleanTech99 provides its customers with protocols and equipment that enable them to meet their health requirements optimally through recurrent or more specific interventions (clearances or crisis management).

CleanTech99’s HyperDryMist® solution was nominated for the Prix Galien 2017 – Scientific rigour, excellence, innovation.


CleanTech99’s expertise

CleanTech99 has made it its mission to bring innovation to disinfection processes through solutions based on nebulisation..

Fields of expertise :

  • Industry and services,
  • Health institutions (infections and nosocomial diseases in particular),
  • Transport,
  • Research.


High level disinfection: the HyperDryMist® solution

The solution based on the HyperDryMist® product from 99 Technologies, for which CleanTech99 is the exclusive distributor in France, means you can intervene whenever microbial burden control is needed:

  • Micro-nebulisation of a solution of H2O2 combined with a set of co-formulants (IP),
  • Fully automated disinfection and bio-decontamination process,
  • Disinfection of surfaces, environment and equipment,
  • High level disinfection: preventive cycles up to decontamination > 6-log,
  • System comprising a micro-nebuliser (apparatus generating micro-nebulisation) and a patented disinfectant solution (nebulised biocidal agent).
Deployment of the HyperDryMist® decontamination solution goes through 3 steps:
  • Test in Vivo in Vitro,
  • Health and ultra-cleanliness (UP) validation,
  • Compliance (AFNOR NF T72 281, USP, EN and P4 Lab) and traceability.


Technology strengths

The HyperDryMist® solution offered by CleanTech99:

  • eradicates very high levels of contamination,
  • is extremely flexible: decontamination from 2 to 6 logs,
  • offers maintenance disinfection cycles validated in the laboratory,
  • suitable for high level invasion: non-contact disinfection of inaccessible points by manual disinfection,
  • is extremely easy to use,
  • is safe for materials and equipment, very low levels of residues, dry surfaces left after treatment,
  • is transportable, extremely mobile in production plants,
  • has broad spectrum efficiency, tested according to EN standards,
  • is scalable, to disinfect larger surfaces,
  • ensures a high level of safety (disinfectant classified as irritant but non-toxic),
  • shows good profitability.

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