of your clean room

The Lab’Science network accompanies you in your projects to create clean, modular or ultra-modular environments (clean room, grey room, decontamination airlock).

Our mission? To think out, design, build and maintain spaces that meet your criteria and needs, guaranteeing you an optimal level of air control. Suitable for all types of industry and all project sizes, from the smallest to the largest, our labelled products and services cover all your needs.

Maintenance of your installations

The durability of your installations depends on an appropriate maintenance proposal.

Our maintenance contracts have the following objectives :

  • extending the life of your installation and warranty,
  • ensuring minimum adjustment and calibration support for key sub-equipment (e.g. filters) at intervals suited to the type of maintenance and regulations,
  • monitoring your equipment thanks to the traceability of each of the interventions.


Clean Concept : the turnkey modular clean room

With Clean Purple, Lab’Science offers you an innovative turnkey modular clean room concept, thanks to its nestable and stackable metal container structure.


The modules are prefabricated and pre-equipped in the factory before being shipped out, placed on a light foundation (sills or concrete blocks, etc.) and positioned in relation to each other to form a modular clean room of the desired dimensions




If you wish to know more about the Clean Purple concept, please contact Lab’Science right now for further information.



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