Chek’Labs mobile laboratory

For the detection of biological analyses,
a unique modular mobile laboratory offer

Chek’Labs enables high pace analyses of medical biology or veterinary biology,
in complete safety and in accordance with French regulations.

Check'Labs, a turnkey screening laboratory:

  • Mobile and adaptable;
  • Economical;
  • Integrating the necessary equipment.

Made up of two modules with a surface area of 13.12 m2 (20″ modules) and a canopy, your Check’Labs mobile laboratory can accommodate patients, make them wait before being taken in, take samples and analyse them, while making it possible to store consumables. For this modular turnkey solution, LAB’SCIENCE only needs 12 weeks! (excluding the time needed to get to the site)

Check Labs


A robust and scalable mobile laboratory

Made in France and ISO 9001 certified, your Check’Labs mobile laboratory is delivered by road and installed as quickly as possible. It can, thanks to its modular structure, be expanded, reconfigured, moved, according to your needs and over the years. Check’Labs is part of LAB’SCIENCE’s modular offer.

Our complementary modular solutions

  • Science’Labs: the biological safety laboratory – Clean room – Chemistry laboratory – Operating theatre.
  • Smart’Labs: the laboratory for cutting-edge technologies.
  • Modu’Labs: to accommodate small animals.


Do you have a mobile laboratory project? Do not hesitate to carry out your configuration online on the Config’Lab.

Consult our catalogue for more information on our full range of modular solutions.


BIM modelling

Optimised design

Construction Clean Concept




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