Modu’Labs, your modular room
for animal facilities

Modular room for animal science actors

Modu’Labs enables high pace analyses of medical or veterinary biology, in complete safety and in accordance with French regulations. Are you looking for a modular cleanroom for your animal facility? LAB’SCIENCE’s Modu’Labs is quick to build and meets the most stringent quality requirements. It will meet all your needs.


Modu'Labs, a modular cleanroomfor high-performance animal facilities:

  • Doors equipped with electronic locking systems;
  • Ceilings and walls in clean room panels;
  • Compliance with health regulations. Decontamination;
  • Monitoring;
  • Air filtration, renewal and treatment;
  • Pressure control;
  • Containment or exclusion barrier, experimentation, reproduction, breeding or housing area for animals.


Numerous configurations are available for your Modu’Labs modular animal facility:

  • Surface area from 13.12 m2 to 26.24 m2;
  • Conventional housing;
  • Experimentation level 2;
  • Experimentation level 3;
  • EOPS*;
  • Aquatic.

A modular room
for animal facilities made in France

Your Modu’Labs is entirely designed and manufactured in France, on our production sites. They are subject to the most stringent quality controls. They are the result of exceptional know-how in the field of controlled environments. They guarantee reliability, robustness and adaptability.

Discover our additional modular solutions

Modu’Labs is part of LAB’SCIENCE’s modular range. Proven, optimised and scalable solutions, ready for delivery in just 12 weeks, and offering numerous customisation options to meet your expectations.

  • Check’Labs: the screening laboratory for biological analyses.
  • Science’Labs: the biological safety laboratory – Clean room – Chemistry laboratory – Operating theatre.
  • Smart’Labs: the laboratory for cutting-edge technologies.

Do you have a modular room for animals project? Do not hesitate to carry out your configuration online on the Config’Lab.

Consult our catalogue for more information on our modular solutions.


BIM modelling

Optimised design

Construction Clean Concept




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