clean room honeycomb partitioning

Since 1978, Lebailly has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of honeycomb partitions for the tertiary and industrial sectors. All these products can be adapted to all the needs and requirements of controlled atmosphere rooms, whether aesthetic, technical or practical.

Whether for microelectronics, optics, hospitals or the pharmaceutical industry, Lebailly is the preferred partner for cutting-edge industries and is involved in all types of surface construction projects in controlled atmosphere environments.


Lebailly’s expertise

Honeycomb decking in technical areas meets highly specific problems in terms of lightness of installations, antistatic quality and resistance to fire thanks to its laminated aluminium coating.

The installations proposed by Lebailly cover a wide spectrum of needs relating to the integration of systems in controlled atmosphere environments:

  • HVAC : production of specific custom air treatment plenums,
  • electricity : flush mounting (integration of electrical systems without over-thickness),
  • equipment : cases, autoclaves, production equipment, etc.


Areas of competence

Supply and installation of honeycomb panels for dedicated rooms (extensive length/height),

Supply and installation of aluminium decking,

Construction of partition walls and doors,

Creation of bungalows, construction work premises (partitions, ceilings and doors),

Construction of circulatable plenums,

Construction of filter ceilings,

Installation of complex grids, waterproofing,

Equipment wrapping,

Maintenance services.


Some examples of achievements

    – Creation of operating theatres (rooms, changing rooms, partition labs, doors, laminar flow plenum),

    – Construction of laboratories for sensitive activities (self-supporting floors, doors, panels, panelling),

    – Creation of clean rooms for product packaging (plenum, doors, partitions),

    – Construction of kitchen spaces with positive & negative cold rooms,

    – Creation of product transformation zones in class ISO 5 & ISO 8,

    – Creation of animal housing facilities.


Advantages of the Lebailly offer

Lebailly guarantees you tailor-made services as well as:

  • rapid execution to meet your scheduling constraints,
  • ease of installation and implementation,
  • an answer to your weight constraints without the need to create concrete slabs.


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