clean room monitoring and qualification

Since its creation in 2008, Qualimap has specialised in the development, monitoring and qualification of clean rooms and other controlled atmosphere zones.

Clean rooms and associated controlled environments are an effective means of controlling particulate air contamination. The operation of a clean room requires the implementation of an initial qualification as well as a periodic testing and monitoring programme to justify the installation’s performance.


Qualimap offers tailor-made solutions to monitor and qualify clean rooms, in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations, and ensures the maintenance of the performance of your installations in terms of controlling particulate air contamination.

Fields of activity:

  • Particle counting;
  • Aeraulic performances;
  • Aerobiocontamination and surface bio-contamination.

Audit in HVAC engineering

Qualimap is your privileged partner for the evaluation of your installations:

  • Audit and Diagnosis;

  • Studies: calculation notes, drawings, technical diagrams, etc;

  • Follow-up: from execution to acceptance of works;

  • Monitoring of installations;

  • Advice and support.



Qualimap ensures the development and guarantees the performance of your clean rooms and other controlled atmosphere areas:

  • Integrity and sealing test of HEPA filters;

  • Flow measurement and calculation of air renewal rates;

  • Absolute pressure measurement;

  • GMP classification by particle count, air microbiological survey and surface microbiological survey;

  • Measurement of decontamination time in clean rooms.


Biodecontamination and ultra-cleanliness

As a specialist in advanced disinfection and decontamination, Qualimap ensures the biodecontamination of your clean environments (zones 1 to 4, surgical equipment, sanitary vehicles, microbiological controls) and guarantees the ultra-cleanliness of your installations.

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