SIA, design office
– clean room, controlled atmosphere zone –

Created in 2012, SIA (Air Science and Engineering) is a design office (clean rooms and controlled atmosphere environments) specialising in clean room and containment laboratory engineering and design.


The SIA company ensures technical assistance missions (Project Management Assistance, Project Management, etc.) by intervening on the strategic phase and the deployment of preventive and curative maintenance in highly technical fields.


Its mission: to design, build and maintain the operational quality of controlled environments.


SIA’s areas of activity

SIA works with players in the medical and hospital sector (pharmaceutical and biotechnological activities), in the research sector (containment laboratories) and with players in the cosmetics industry. Its area of expertise also extends to animal housing facilities and advanced sectors such as space and optics.


A turnkey solution

The design teams provide a tailor-made response to each project by adopting a global approach, from design through to the construction and maintenance of clean rooms or premises with controlled environments.

This support comes primarily during the strategic design phase of the project, but also through the deployment of preventive and curative maintenance in high-tech areas.


Cleanroom Engineering and Design

The SIA design office puts its multidisciplinary skills at the service of its customers on projects combining technical challenges, cost optimisation requirements, comfort and user safety.

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