Laboratory – Clean room for pharmaceuticals and microelectronics



With more than 30 years experience, UNIVEO has built up a solid reputation in terms of 3D turnkey project design and maintenance of cleanrooms in industrial environments (cleanrooms for pharmaceuticals and microelectronics, among others). Today, more than 150,000 m² are managed by UNIVEO, in accordance with its values: excellence, innovation and quality of service.


HVAC expertise for clean rooms and laboratories

In a region where the pharmaceutical and microelectronic industries are strongly established, UNIVEO provides its expertise by offering customised solutions:

  • Control of pressure gradients and hygrometry;
  • Room qualification (clean room for pharmaceuticals and microelectronics in particular);
  • Handling of refrigerants: qualification and approval;
  • Utilities (hot-cold and fluids): mastered know-how.

Facility Management expertise

UNIVEO offers a tailor-made Facility Management service to support its customers in the operation and management of their buildings: it carries out multi-technical maintenance and all services for the occupants.

Energy efficiency

UNIVEO assists you in setting up your energy audit:

  • Optimisation of fluid consumption;
  • Identification of energy performance measures adapted to your challenges and capitalising on all the regulatory levers (CEE, etc.);
  • Instrumentation of sensitive equipment, IOT connected objects, analysis and correction of deviations.

Customer satisfaction as a priority

UNIVEO is committed to implementing and monitoring social and environmental performance tools, in compliance with the Ecovadis CSR approach, with all the responsiveness and availability it requires.

Its values: that each client is fully satisfied, both by the technical solutions offered and by the support of our teams.

Website : www.univeo.fr


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