Our clean rooms:
ISO 4 to ISO 8 standard

Control of contamination, whether particulate, biological or chemical, is a key issue in the research, medical, electronics, space, food and cosmetics sectors.

To guarantee the level of control and non-contamination of the atmosphere, the required ISO standard and the associated level of air purity differ according to each of these fields and the criteria inherent in one’s activity: an ISO 5 clean room will be suitable for a pharmaceutical laboratory, for example, while the aerospace field will require an ISO 8 or ISO 7 clean room.

Finally, certification concerns all the manufacturing stages of the clean room, from its design through to its acceptance, commissioning and use, and must be regularly re-evaluated.

Certification of your installations (clean room iso 4 to iso 8)

LAB’SCIENCE is a centre of expertise but also a label: all the products and services offered by the network meet ISO standards for controlled atmosphere environments (ISO 4 clean room, ISO 5 clean room, ISO 6 clean room, ISO 7 clean room and ISO 8 clean room).

The LAB’SCIENCE Network is ISO/IEC 17000 certified, a standard that defines accreditation as a “third party attestation related to a conformity assessment body conveying formal demonstration of its competence to carry out specific conformity assessment activities”.



The LAB’SCIENCE label is a second-level control applied to controlled atmosphere environments, inspection bodies and certification bodies to certify their competence to carry out calibrations, tests or inspections or certify products, systems or people.

This label guarantees that your structure complies with the requirements specified in the standard and is also technically competent to carry out the specific examinations for which you have chosen to be accredited.

LAB’SCIENCE relies on a network of experts specialised in the sectors audited.



If you have questions on ISO standards, please contact LAB’SCIENCE for further details.

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