UMD’Labs, your mobile airborne decontamination unit

For non-invasive medical devices and shopping trolleys

Developed for health establishments and supermarkets,
our mobile decontamination unit
 offers optimal disinfection.

UMD’Labs: a mobile decontamination unit which combines many advantages

  • Mobile and adaptable,
  • Watertight stainless steel structure,
  • Decontamination with H2O2 at a non-corrosive concentration level,
  • Normative requirements: NF EN 17 272:2020: Antiseptics and chemical disinfectants, Methods of disinfecting rooms by air using automated processes,
  • Fast manufacture: 12 weeks excluding delivery on site.

Our Mobile Decontamination Unit awarded by the Centre-Val de Loire region and BPI

The health crisis has created a massive need for infectious screening equipment, protection systems and decontamination solutions. Aware of this major challenge, the Centre-Val de Loire region and BPI have decided to provide financial support to companies in the Centre-Val de Loire region that are helping to control infectious risks transmitted by contaminated surfaces. 

The effectiveness of the UMD’Labs® mobile decontamination unit to destroy coronavirus, as well as its mobility (the device is not fixed to a room), were decisive factors in the support granted by BPI and the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Discover our other decontamination solutions

Lab’Science has developed a whole range of decontamination solutions.

  • Tun’Labs®: hydrogen peroxide decontamination tunnel.
  • Sas’Labs®: UV-C decontamination airlock.
  • UVC’Labs®: airlock for decontamination solution by plasma and optical radiation by UV-C.

Check out our catalogue for more information on our decontamination solutions’ offer.


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