Tun’Labs: Decontamination tunnel

for cleanrooms

Guaranteeing the performance of your clean environments, The decontamination or bio-decontamination tunnel is a key element in the design of your cleanroom.
Lab’Science offers you a range of protocols and equipment that meet the specific constraints of your installation.


Tun’Labs: The decontamination tunnel that combines performance and speed

  • Customized protocols,
  • Fest delivery,
  • Easy installation,
  • Watertight stainless steel tunnel,
  • H2H2 decontamination at a non-corrosive concentration rate,
  • NF EN 17 272:2020 standard.

Specificities of bio-decontamination

The fields of research and medicine concentrate the main issues relating to disinfection, decontamination and bio-decontamination in clean environments. Privileged partner of the players in the sector, Lab’Science offers solutions specially designed to meet the constraints and specific problems encountered by laboratories, research institutes and health establishments.
We also develop protocols and equipment suitable for companies in the agro-food and cosmetics industry to guarantee good manufacturing and packaging conditions for the products.


Specialist in decontamination
and bio-decontamination

Specialised in the design of atmospheric environments we design airlock systems for decontamination, disinfection and recurrent bio-decontamination. In addition, we also intervene in the context of ad hoc blanking-out and crisis management operations.

A tailor-made accompaniment

Depending on your area of expertise, we offer you tailor-made support adapted to the specificities and problems of your sector, as well as to the level of decontamination required. We thus develop turnkey solutions to anticipate or resolve any complex situation requiring disinfection, decontamination or bio-decontamination operations.

Experts at your service

Drawing on the expertise of all the member companies of the Lab’Science network, from the design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of clean environments, we rely on technology with proven efficiency and adaptability to ensure optimum results..

Find out about our other decontamination solutions

Lab’Science has developed a complete range of decontamination solutions.

  • UMD’Labs®: modular, mobile, fully-automated disinfection offering.
  • Sas’Labs®: unitary decontamination solution for pass-throughs.
  • UVC’Labs®: plasma and optical radiation decontamination solution.

Check out our catalogue for more information on our decontamination solutions’ offer.


BIM modelling

Optimised design

Clean Concept construction



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