your decontamination unit by UV-C

The only UV-C decontamination airlock on the market

Developed for health establishments and those involved in research and animal sciences, Sas’Labs is the only UV-C decontamination airlock unit on the market.

Sas’Labs a germicidal equipment pass-through with many advantages

  • Made-to-measure optimised dimensions,
  • Fast production and delivery: 4 weeks + installation + on-site qualification,
  • Very high germicidal efficiency thanks to UV-C,
  • Compliant with decree number 2010-750 on worker protection from risks arising from artificial optical radiation,
  • Compliant with NF EN ISO 15 858:2016 standard: UV-C equipment – Safety information – Permissible limits for human exposure.


Operation of your decontamination unit

The plasma decontamination unit Sas’Labs integrates in its interior cold plasma lamps that emit UV-C in doses lethal to germs. The internal structure of the decontamination unit is optimised for UV-C transmission and reflection thanks to its 100% quartz and brushed stainless steel composition. The power, the number of lamps and the number of active internal faces are determined according to the germicidal lethal dose to be reached and according to the treatment duration requirements.

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